Friday, July 23, 2010

What a Funny Story

I wonder who got the power pack?

So then I bought it and it arrived and I started building it and then I got injured and then I had to go back home and I never finished it but my kids were obsessed by Lego so then, you know, I'm good friends with James Corden so I text him, I said 'Can you believe it, I'm playing Man United in 2 days and I'm sat here building a Taj Mahal' and he sent one back saying 'Can you believe it, I'm sat in a hotel and I'm so bored I just said to myself 'Should I shower?'' He said 'I'm talking to myself', so we're both having this really boring conversation

It's the banter in the dressing room I miss the most, the training and matches I can do without being honest.

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